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What is screen printing ?
Screen printing is the process by which ink is pushed
through a screen on to a printable surface. For our
purposes, a garment of clothing. 

The polyester screens are coated with an emulsion. 
Using a film positive of the image to block out the 
light, the screen is exposed. The result is a printable
screen used to print one color with in the image. If 
the final image uses multiple colors, multiple screens 
are required to produce the image desired.

The screens are placed in a screen press allowing the 
multiple screens to be aligned to each other to create
the desired image. Once the press is set up properly,
a multiple color image can be reproduced on multiple

This is why the price per garment produced is affected by the quantity of your order. The price can
be dramatically reduced as the quantity of your order is increased. Although there is never an order minimum, orders of less than 24 units will be subject to a set up fee of $25.00. 

                                                                                       Plastisol inks are the primary ink used                                                                                                  in our process. They remain flexible                                                                                                      and provide a durable final product.

                                                                                       Once the print has been applied to the                                                                                                  garment, it is run through a dryer at 
                                                                                       320 degrees to cure the ink. This makes
                                                                                       the garment safe for machine washing.
                                                                                       The image should last for the life of                                                                                                      the garment.