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Artwork Requirements
Artwork can begin with a drawing on paper or a computer generated image.
The artwork must then be entered into our design software and converted 
into a vector image. Vector images can be expanded or reduced indefinitely
with out any distortion. A vector image is also required to separate the 
colors within the image. It is also required to print out the film positives 
needed to burn the screens. 

The easiest way to get your artwork to us, is to e-mail your image to us in 
the highest resolution possible. It is also possible to snap a picture of your 
design or your concept, drawn out on something as simple as a napkin and 
e-mail that to us. Last but not least, you can hand to us or mail to us your 
drawings that can be scanned into our system. Depending on the artwork 
you provide, there may be a charge for time needed to refine your image.

                                                                                                           Colors used to print are from the Pantone Matching System. Plastisol inks can                                                                                                              be ordered in all of the PMS colors and will come very close, however batch                                                                                                                  lots of any mixed product will vary. Therefor, matching your exact colors may                                                                                                              not be possible. Your final proof will be sent to you reflecting the Pantone                                                                                                                  colors which will approximate the color you can expect to see on your                                                                                                                          completed printed garment. 

​                                                                                                           Keep in mind that even though it is possible to create a 4 color process print,                                                                                                              the screen printing process can never make the print completely replicate a                                                                                                                photo. Screen printing is not an exact science, it is a hand made printed                                                                                                                      piece of art, and as such will have some variation that is inherent in all screen                                                                                                              printing processes.